Dr. Ashish Patel recently attended the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry meeting in Chicago, Illinois. The annual meeting is held in a different city every April. Dr. Patel took hands-on-courses from some of the world’s best cosmetic dentists, e.g. Newton Fahl Jr., Dipesh Parmar, Todd Snyder, and Dennis Hartlieb to name a few. Dr. Patel focus this year was on learning how to mimic nature in his restorations. The ultimate goal with any restoration is to have a seamless transition from restoration to tooth. In addition, Dr. Patel learned more about adding tints to his restorations in an effort to affect the chroma, value, and hue. Dr. Patel is excited to bring this knowledge to his restorations.

The annual AACD meeting is a must attend for any cosmetic dentist, because of the knowledge and experience around the event. Dr. Patel was able to catch up with the countless friends who also attended the conference. He was able to meet up with other Kois Center practitioners and faculty to further discuss current cases they are working on. In addition, Dr. Patel decided to pursue accreditation with the AACD. The accreditation process consists of a written examination followed by documentation of cases meeting different criteria with photography. To learn more about the accreditation process, click here.  Please join Dr. Patel in this journey and be sure to check back on this blog to see this process unfold. Next year’s AACD meeting is in sunny San Diego and will be a nice change from the Chicago meeting. To schedule an appointment, please contact Nashville Dentistry Co. at 615-797-8003 or visit us at www.nashvilledentistryco.com

AACD lecture Dipesh Parmar

nature mimicking restorations

Hands on Class IV course – Todd Snyder

Dr. Patel with other doctors who attended AACD and are KOIS CENTER learners.

Video: Recap of AACD

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