Last time we talked about our Modular Gum Infection Therapy we were still waiting on our microscope to come in. Well it is here and we are so excited to show it off to you. We use this state of the art technique to help us diagnose and treat all stages of gum disease. We don’t stop there though. We utilize all resources available to us, including a DNA sample of your oral bacteria and antibiotic therapy, to stop the disease process in its tracks and heal your gum tissue and bone. Not too long ago it was widely believed that once periodontal disease had eaten away at your bone, you could not grow it back. Once it was gone, it was gone. With this therapy and years of studies to back it, we are starting to see that this isn’t always the case. We are able to use a combination of disease detection, recognition, antibiotics, and education on proper home care to help stop the disease progression and heal the entire mouth.

We are so proud of our office and the steps that are taken everyday to keep you the patient in the forefront of our minds at all times. Nashville Dentistry Co. may be a dental office but we consider all our patients family. As our family, you can expect only the very best. We cannot wait to see all of you soon. Don’t forget to call our office at 615-797-8003 to schedule your end of year cleaning.

A new high-tech microscope