Along with all we’ve had going on at the office this year, we’ve had the pleasure of hiring a few new faces to the team. Today, we want to introduce our newest RDH (Dental Hygienist) Sarah. Sarah and what better way to get to know her than by asking a few questions! Skip below to read all that Sarah had to say!

What is your favorite part of being a hygienist?

I love the one on one time with each patient and helping them feel comfortable in our office!

Why did you choose to work at Nashville Dentistry Co.?

I love the modern feel of the office. The technology and scientifically based hygiene is something that you don’t see at other offices and really makes Nashville Dentistry Co stand out. I also really love that each patient is given as much time as possible at the office, they are never rushed out or made to feel that their concerns and need for their smile aren’t important. Dr. Patel is so patient with each person and really takes the time to get to know them and their needs.

What hobbies do you have outside of work?

I grew up riding horses so anything that gets me outside and around horses makes me happy! I also have three dogs who are like my children!

What is your number one tip for dental health?

Make sure to stay consistent! Make a good, basic oral care routine that is easy to follow and stick with it! Even just adding something like flossing into your routine can benefit your oral and overall health so much!

To schedule your appointment with Sarah or any of our other team members, visit or website at or give us a call at 615-797-8003.