Teeth Whitening Using the KöR Whitening System

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Why Is Teeth Whitening So Popular?

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With whiter teeth, your smile will look more attractive, youthful, and healthy. It’s an instant boost of confidence too!

The most affordable way to achieve this is with teeth whitening. This cosmetic dentistry treatment removes stains and discoloration from your teeth while significantly whitening them.

At Nashville Dentistry Co., we offer KöR Whitening because we believe it’s the most effective teeth whitening system… This text opens a new tab to the brand’s website… out there.

Depending on your tooth whitening needs, KöR offers different options, including take-home trays and in-office treatments, making it more reliable and powerful than alternative options.

How Does KöR Whitening Help You?


KöR’s whitening formula delivers 6+ hours of active whitening instead of the standard 25-35 minutes. This conditions your teeth to whiten faster and better, no matter how old you are or how stubborn or deep your stains are!


Unlike over-the-counter and other professional whitening kits, KöR is not a one-size-fits-all system. It has different treatments depending on your needs, including options if you have white spots from fluorosis or staining from tetracycline antibiotics.


No tooth whitening treatment is permanent, but KöR comes pretty close! By making your teeth to be more absorbent to its bleaching, your teeth will stay whiter and be easier to maintain. Plus, you can continue drinking coffee, tea, and red wine!


If you want to get a better-looking smile without spending a lot of money or undergoing invasive procedures, this is the way to do it. Plus, KöR offers predictable results, making it a worthwhile investment.

‘‘They were super responsive and quick in getting me an appointment for my first visit. The office is very clean, and everyone is very friendly. I never felt unsafe due to COVID, and they took all the necessary precautions. They are in a great location as well to get some errands done after. I highly recommend checking them out!’’

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Teeth Whitening FAQs

Get the answers from our cosmetic dentist in Brentwood, TN.

  • Can anyone do teeth whitening?

    Most people are candidates for teeth whitening. However, there are a few parameters, such as:

    • Oral health: Dr. Patel will first examine your mouth to ensure you’re free of cavities, gum disease, or any other problem that could affect your treatment.
    • Age: Children should wait until their adult teeth have fully come in before whitening their teeth (often around the age of 14).
    • Dental restorations: Artificial teeth, like crowns and veneers, cannot be whitened, so that’ll need to be discussed before whitening your teeth.

    If you’re undergoing other cosmetic or restorative treatments, especially a full smile design, then Dr. Patel may even encourage teeth whitening in your treatment plan.

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  • Is KöR whitening permanent?

    If you follow your KöR Whitening system’s instructions and do periodic at-home maintenance, then you can permanently maintain the level of whiteness.

  • Is KöR Whitening expensive?

    When compared to generic treatments, like whitening strips, KöR Whitening is more money upfront. However, because it’s highly effective, reliable, and longer-lasting, it’ll likely save you money in the long run.

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  • Does teeth whitening hurt?

    Common side effects of teeth whitening are gum irritation and tooth sensitivity.

    KöR combats these two issues by using:

    • Revolutionary KöR-Seal™ trays that seal in the whitening gel and prevent it from irritating your gums (as well as keeping salvia and liquid out from harming the gel’s effectiveness).
    • Desensitizers that plug the pores of your teeth to stop sensitivity from happening in the first place (whereas other treatments often provide aid to ease the symptoms afterward).

    If you’re known to suffer from tooth sensitivity or experience it during your treatment, then speak with Dr. Patel about adjusting your treatment to keep you comfortable.

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